Season 0

“Decadence”, What pops into our heads the moment we hear this word?

It is often used to refer to a perceived decay in standards, morals, dignity, religious faith, or skill at governing among the members of the elite of a very large social structure. By extension, it may refer to a decline in art, literature, science, technology, and work ethics, or to self-indulgent behaviour.

It has existed for a long time now, implying moral cvensure, that such declines are objectively observable and that they inevitably precede the destruction of the society or person in question, to keep it simple :

“Is an individual or group moving towards ruin.”

We are taking you towards our own 21st century society ruin, something of which we are all blind-witnesses.

A group of individuals is presented to us, in public, throughout perfection as impecable, unblemished … but the flip side of the coin is a distorted reality in which each and every person conforming this circle is shown in the most vulnerable and transparent possible way, showing their greatest intimate and corrupted selves. A parallel reality where classism is present but looses touch with real life.  

As you go through this text we want you to realise that we could be talking about any era, and that is why it is so relatable.

A generation hiding behind a two-faced moral adulterated by technology’s rise and its utter control of us going from the social networks to an occult deep web. A society that fits flawlessly in ancient mythology, which tales could perfectly refer to modern scenarios.

We are creating an image in which at the beginning everything is perfect, just, calculated, rehearsed and manual. We will not see anything like it again. Taking you to a new level of understanding of our society and decadency throughout time and the most important : in the contemporary.

Willing to show this universe in which oil and water are combined, thus merging the antagonistic. 

Two great artistic movements are brought back from the past in a renewed version of themselves for our collection. Futurism which was extreme, showing the same object from different points of view admiring speed, technology, youth, violence and all that represented the technological triumph of humanity over nature; and the essence of Pop art which is elevating the aesthetics of everyday life and the consumer goods of nowadays to the level of art. As well as bringing together two great photographers of the last century: Dafydd Jones whose “Exhibition in a box”  outs  the decadency in the most luxurious parties from the 90’s in the US and the UK; and Gareth McConnell whose work shows a frustrated meditation on the nature of human movement and occurrence, an embodiment of the power of mass communion in it’s many forms, and the delirious but bittersweet pleasure of losing oneself to hedonism.

A portrayal of a contemporary society thought to be constantly making headway. But is this accurate or is it a double-edge sword hence leading us to decay?

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