Seldom do people come across concepts such as the ones developed by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, where liquid society and the immediacy implied over it, are used as inspiration. The collection is based around the concept of celerity that as individuals it marks us and induces us to a certain self-demand, creating a distorted reality resulting in an intangible objective. From this point on, we reduce this utopia and disfigured scenario to the most visual and uncomplicated image of "arriving late" in our everyday life.

The collection has undergone a thorough development carried out through the search of rich visual imagery of immediacy, starting from details such as someone waking up, the misplacement of a garment... caused by chaos and resulting in the agitation of being late and the process of arriving at the destination at any price.

Within the creative process, we have worked in a very sharp and experimental way with 3D materials, creating directly on the mannequin, obtaining thereby a plenteous amount of instant images from where the main concepts around which the collection has been conceived were created. 



One of the most significant resources in being able to achieve the effect of immediacy is either accomplished visually, as it would be in the case of a twisted or superimposed garment created as a result of the speed from the action that has been carried out, as well as the introduction of more rigid but transformable structural figures which illustrate the agility that specific objects can provide, thus being the ones that give closure to the meaning of the collection.

As a consequence, we present a process of development in which the tardiness that you go through when trying to achieve something and the uneasiness that comes with it, becomes more and more obvious with each look

“001 ”




Volume prototypes for further developement

The collection features atemporal and gender-unspecific, analysing silhouettes where garments are completely displaced from their centres. For instance, gabardines in which the neck becomes the armhole; or shirts and trousers, presented with the components that construct them completely twisted. Concepts such as "Nomadic Couture" are used, enlighting compositions in which the traditional purpose of each garment shifts, as a case in point a blazer built into a skirt or a trench-coat as a dress.

Simultaneously, "layering" as a resource plays a leading role not only in the creation of silhouettes but also on the illusion of superimposition of trousers or tank tops, resulting in a “trompe l’oeil" that deceives the eye and makes it unclear whether it is a single garment or a set juxtapositioned pieces. Resulting in a garment compound framed inside the idea of an unfinished scurry process.


developement  developement  developement  developement

A satirical portrait of an imaginary defined by this idea that "we desire and seek a realization that usually consists of constant becoming, in a permanent disposition of becoming"

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